• Sacred Music by Caleb Spjute

    Awhile ago a friend sent me this awesome video of I Need Thee Every Hour / How Great Thou Art by Caleb Spjute. For years Caleb has posted a weekly (and often more frequent) sacred music recording on YouTube. The other members of his family often get involved, too. Make sure you check out his YouTube channel. Anyone who can play La Campanella as well as he does has my respect and awe!

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  • Moon of Wintertime Now Available

    I’m happy to announce my second Christmas album, Moon of Wintertime is now available on Spotify and other streaming services. You can also download it for free on the Albums page. 2020 was the first time I’d written any music in 5 years, and if I were to have a New Year’s resolution, it would […]

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  • The First Noel, performed by Cynthia Mayer

    Cynthia is both a digital and real-life nomad from France who moved to the U.S. and travels across the country looking for new adventures. She shared this lovely performance of The First Noel on her YouTube channel.

    Check out her Colors of a Bird site where she shares her poetry, thoughts, and experiences as she travels the country.

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