Justin Reeve is a native of Utah, and has played the piano for over 35 years. He enjoys performing songs for others and creating new songs with his own spin. When he was young, his musically-inclined mother made him begrudgingly practice an hour a day, would loudly but lovingly correct him from far corners of the house whenever he hit a wrong note, and wouldn’t let him quit his lessons. Eventually Justin’s attitude changed and he began loving the piano. He started composing his own songs when he was a teenager, and despite occasional hiatuses over the years, has kept it up to this day.

Christmas and sacred music has always held a special place in Justin’s heart, especially learning the history behind the songs. Often he would be asked to come up with arrangements for church, and jumped at every opportunity. In December 2009, he started recording and posting Christmas song requests to his music blog, one for every day until Christmas. He’s since tried to compose a few Christmas songs every year. He loves performing in the community, and has done so for social gatherings, conferences, devotionals, assisted living centers, and is a regular pianist at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden. But he especially loves it when the Christmas season comes around. Playing Christmas music is one of his favorite things to do.

Justin believes music is one of the unifying traits of humanity, and thinks everyone should find ways to express themselves through music, whether it’s listening to old favorite songs, discovering new ones, singing with others, learning and playing an instrument, getting swept up in the music at a concert, or just sharing songs you love with another person.

Outside his music, Justin is a software engineer and educational technology consultant, and a husband and father of four.